The City of Redwall

The Dwarves of Redwall are builders. Their city stands on three great terraces carved from the side of a mountain, and the walls are grounded by massive octagonal cannon towers. As with any dwarven city, the overground structures, temples and railway stations are just the surface. Below the city, mines and tunnels probe deep into the earth.

Fantasy map of the steampunk dwarven city of Redwall for Rhune, Dawn of TwilightThis city map was created for the steampunk Pathfinder setting of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight, and maps the city that appears in both the world map, and the regional map of Vallinor.

The challenge with this map was to give a sense of the order of the city, and use some decoration to hint at the dwarven flavour without going overboard. The runes felt like a good fit to the culture and there’s an easter egg hidden in there (though I warn you that it’s a font swap for the runes, not a proper translation). Answers on a postcard to

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  1. Redwall is a fantasy book series (that doesn’t involve dwarves) by Brian Jacques…I’m not sure why the name was stolen for this…

    1. I think ‘redwall’ is such a literal description that it appears in many places. In this case the outer walls have the tales of famous dwarven heroes inscribed in red mithril on the wall outside the burial chamber. So not stolen. But I’d love a link to the book series. Have you got an Amazon (or audible) reference?

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