Another New Map Pack – The Ruined Library

As with the last map pack, this one hails from the Coliseum Morpheuon project by Rite Publishing. In this case a library destroyed by meteors. Fun to create with the landscape torn and blasted under an aggressive sun:

Fantasy map pack cover for the ruined libraryHere’s a small preview of the full size map in the pack: Continue reading “Another New Map Pack – The Ruined Library”

Clockwork maze fantasy map pack and gear images for sale

I’ve been working on the Rite Publishing project Coliseum Morpheuon and it’s finally seen the light of day! The high level Pathfinder adventure features a series of fiendish challenges and I drew the maps. Of course this means a whole selection of new fantasy map packs hitting the shelves. First out of the bag is the Clockwork Maze:

Fantasy Map Pack for sale: The Clockwork MazeThe map pack is now on sale at RPGNow and shortly at Paizo. Continue reading “Clockwork maze fantasy map pack and gear images for sale”

The Next CG Show – Mapping the Big Apple

Maps of New York ChallengeThe Cartographers’ Guild, in partnership with the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, presents Mapping the Big Apple. The challenge is to create a map inspired by New York. From early drafts of the streets of New Amsterdam, to the grid layout of Manhattan when Central Park was first proposed to the iconic New Yorker cover from March 29th, 1976 – New York has always inspired cartographers and artists with its streets and avenues. And not just cartographers. Manhattan has been destroyed in more ways that any other city. From the monster of Cloverfield to the ice age of The Day After Tomorrow – New York has taken it all. Now it’s your task to take this iconic skyline and represent it in your own way. Continue reading “The Next CG Show – Mapping the Big Apple”

Fantastic Maps on Sale until September 1st

My Fantastic Maps range of fantasy maps is on sale this week (all 30% off, and the bundle reduced even more). The map packs have shiny new covers like this:

Fantasy map cover art for the Low River map pack
Each map pack has a jpg map sized for use with maptool or other virtual tabletop programs (mostly with a 100px grid but a couple of earlier maps are 75px), along with a printable multi-page map pack if you want to use it at a gametable. Many of the map packs contain maptool files with the VBL drawn in and grids and lighting set up for either 4e or OGL games. All of them will have these files included in early September (they’re all done, just not quite uploaded yet). If you buy now, you will get the new files with the maptool files when they are updated – so no reason to hold off.

Enjoy! Sale ends September 1st. You can find all the map packs here.

The New Epoch – a world comes to life

Some time ago, when I was starting out at freelance cartography, I was asked to draw one of the oddest worlds I’d heard of. The world existed on a turning cog, and the elemental planes span around it on interlocking wheels. Every day, the world span one notch. The seas cascaded over the edge into the darkness where the great wheels that turned the world clicked eternally on.

A map of a fantasy world on a cog
The World on a Cog

All things come round in time, and the setting has been released! Continue reading “The New Epoch – a world comes to life”