Free Maps

All of these resources are provided free for personal use. There are many more maps available on my RPGNow and Paizo stores. If you would like to be notified when a new free map is posted, follow me on G+facebook or twitter.

Free Dungeon Tiles

Free fantasy dungeon tilesThis set contains images that can be put together to create an infinite variety of dungeons: 14 textures, 10 markers, a full set of wall sections and 180 objects to flesh out any lair. All textures and images are sized to 100px per 5′ square. The tiles can be put together in an image editing program or in a virtual tabletop. They were designed initially for use in maptool but can just as easily be used in other online gametables. The tiles are licensed for use under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA.

Free Starter Map Set

Free dungeons and dragons fantasy encounter mapsThis free pack of maps contains all the encounter areas you need for a quick game. Contained in the pack are an encounter outside an inn, a snowy cliff with a cave entrance and a deserted mine as well as a map of the region. These were designed for use in maptool or any other virtual tabletop, with 50px=5′. They are provided free for personal use.


Two Free Inn Maps and a Free Cavern Map

A cave, illustrated in Procreate with Pencil and the iPad Pro
A cavern map with an isometric grid. Click to see larger, and feel free to use CC-BY-NC-SA (free for personal use)
Unlabeled free high resolution cavern map
The same map without the labels. Free for personal use, CC-NC-BY-SA
A map created in Paper by FiftyThree
An Inn with a Secret – mapped in Paper by FiftyThree. Free for personal use CC-BY-NC-SA. Click for high res.
Unlabeled Inn Map free for personal use.
Unlabeled Inn Map. Free for personal use.
A Map of an Inn created in Procreate with Pencil on the iPad Pro
An Inn with a secret, mapped in Procreate. Click for high res version. Free for personal use. CC-NC-BY-SA.
High res unlabeled inn map, free for personal use
High res unlabeled inn map, free for personal use. CC-BY-NC-SA.

Free City Map

This map was created for the Wayfinder magazine, and are free for use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license:

Free Fantasy City Map

Free Archipelago Map

This was partnered with this archipelago map, which is also licensed under Creative Commons  CC-BY-NC-SA license:

Free fantasy archipelago map for pathfinder and 4e d&d

Shipwreck Map

This was initially created for a challenge over on the Cartographers’ Guild, and is CC-BY-NC-SA. If you want to use this in a VTT like Roll20 or maptool, the scale was designed at 50px=5 feet.

Shipwreck map for dnd or pathfinder