A warm reception for an icy adventure

The Breaking of Forstor Nagar now has 4 5* reviews!

The reviews have some lovely things to say about the project:

This adventure is full of twists and dangers, if your group is up for a dark, challenging game with beautiful maps, take a look at this module.

– Sean Holland (RPGNow featured reviewer)

a cracking adventure … Can I give it 6 stars?

– Megan Robertson (RPGNow featured reviewer)

This pdf is Ben McFarland’s roaring rampage through an insidiously well-crafted, yet simple plot

The tour de force through the city of grinding ice along its harrowing conclusion and nail-biting, exciting escape has me asking for more. This pdf is a stellar example of peak performance of all the talents that go into crafting a good book – from formal criteria, cartography, editing, writing, art, layout, writing and innovation (this being to my knowledge the first PFRPG-adventure that has specifically been designed for use with VTTs)

I’d give this 6 stars if I could … this adventure will be sure to reemerge in my third party publisher’s top ten list of 2011

– Thilo Graf (Endzeitgeist)

 the layout and art is absolutely gorgeous

Ben McFarland and Jonathan Roberts make a fantastic combination of skilled adventure designers, clear and descriptive prose writers and crafters of clear, colorful and excellently supported maps. Combined with the gorgeous layout and nice little graphic element touches, such as tokens for cardstock whether for Maptool or not, make this a must-buy adventure. This well-crafted adventure scores a full 5 of 5 stars.

– Dawn Fischer

Now that’s a great start to the week after a weekend of hurricanes. If you want to find out more about the project, or read the full reviews, visit the product pages on RPGNow or Paizo.

In addition, Steve Russell has some lovely things to say about the project (and my work in general) over on the Rite Designs blog.

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