A Free World Map

A free fantasy world map

Most of the maps I create are for commissions. However, every now and again, I get the chance to create a map for my own use. These maps tend to be tests of new styles, or ideas I have for a new layout. This was one of the first tests I created for an isometric map style (used at a much larger scale in the map of Rhune). It worked out well, and forms the basis of one of my core styles to this day.

Since creating the map, I’ve used it in a number of D&D games. It’s turned out to be really handy as a world map for seafaring adventures (I used it for a Skull and Shackles game). Nothing like a massive whirlpool to spice up an adventure of swashbuckling pirates. So, to that end, I’m making this map available for others under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA. Get the full sized map here. Basically, feel free to use it for personal use. If you modify it, please attach the appropriate attribution and don’t use it commercially. So this is totally fair for use in your game, even if you put it up on Obsidian Portal or Roll20. Just add a credit and link back to here.

If you’d like to see how maps like this are created, here’s a super quick video walkthrough, or there’s a load of tutorials on mapping in a 3/4 style, including mountains, coasts, rivers, forests, and start to finish on how to draw a map.

Enjoy – and happy gaming!

6 thoughts on “A Free World Map”

  1. Thank you for this work. It is amazing. Does the workflow of this one is the same as curent maps you are doing now? It seems a little different than GoT map set. I would appreciate those gorgeous tree mountains tut.

  2. Hello…I found your map very well drawn and I am working on creating a world with Lore and and history for R20 and/or book series but I am not a good artist and was wondering if you would like to help…if yes email me at skehwar@gmail.com

    1. Thanks. I’m pretty backed up right now and I don’t have much of chance to take on new work. But try out the requests forum at The Cartographers Guild. There are lots of talented artists there who can help!

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