Bandit Lair

Bandit Lair Fantasy Map

Bandit Lair

This was created for Kobold Quarterly #9 as part of the Maps of Fantasy series. It is accompanied by a top down map of each level sized for use with a virtual tabletop at 100px per grid. The full map pack contains:

  • Top down maps of both levels at 100px per grid square
  • Printable multi-page pdf map packs in both US letter and A4 formats in greyscale and colour
  • Maptool files with vision and light for both 4e and OGL versions of the game

The Bandit’s Lair map pack is on RPGNow and Paizo. It can also be bought as part of the Kobold Quarterly bundle on RPGNow.

Here’s a preview of the top down maps in the set:

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