The Low River

fantasy dungeon map

The Low River

This map was created for a map pack that’s available on RPGNow and Paizo.

The map details an underground settlement that’s degraded over time. It could be the entrance to an old dwarf hold, or the remains of a secret temple beneath an unsuspecting town. The map was designed with combat encounters in mind. There are a number of different levels, lots of cover and rickety bridges across a raging river.

The map pack contains:

  • High resolution jpgs sized for use in virtual tabletop programs, both with and without grids, and without bridges.
  • Letter sized and A4 pdf map packs in colour and printer-friendly black and white for printing out at home for tabletop use.
  • Two Maptool campaign files set up for quick use in the 4.0 version of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and its 3.5 thriving spiritual successor. They require maptool version 1.3b60 or later.
  • The bridges as stand alone png objects that can be dropped into other maps.

You can pick it up on RPGNow here and on Paizo here.

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