Giants’ Meadhall

Giants' Meadhall fantasy dungeon map

Giants’ Meadhall

This was created for the winter edition of Kobold Quarterly at the end of 2010. In the accompanying mini-adventure the PCs have to make a beer run. The problem is that the beer is in a mead hall and the mead hall is occupied by giants. With bears.

The map comes with a fighting pit, bear enclosure and a mammoth skull throne. Everything you could possible want for a good evening’s drinking.

You can find the full size version of this – and the adventure that goes with it – in KQ16

It’s also available as a large scale battlemap on Paizo and RPGNow. As with all my previous map packs this pack comes with:

  • High res jpgs (at 100px per square) with and without grid for use in any VTT or to be printed out at your local print shop as a poster map.
  • Multi-page pdfs that can be printed out for you to use at the game table – in both colour and printer friendly greyscale.
  • Maptool campaign files with light and vision built in for both 4.0 and Pathfinder rules.

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