The New Epoch – a world comes to life

Some time ago, when I was starting out at freelance cartography, I was asked to draw one of the oddest worlds I’d heard of. The world existed on a turning cog, and the elemental planes span around it on interlocking wheels. Every day, the world span one notch. The seas cascaded over the edge into the darkness where the great wheels that turned the world clicked eternally on.

A map of a fantasy world on a cog
The World on a Cog

All things come round in time, and the setting has been released!

You can find the setting book on RPGNow:

The New Epoch

It’s an industrial age steampunk setting with lots of crunch. It’s done on the d20 system, so no problems picking it up and playing it.

The lead developer sent me a copy this morning so I haven’t had a chance to go through it in detail yet, but I do have one thing to say. That layout. This is a beautifully designed book. The page backgrounds are gorgeous. The detailing is spot on. The whole book exudes character and sells the flavour of the setting even before you read a word. Definitely worth a read.

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