Mapping Slaver’s Bay

I’ve been building a web based hex mapper for a few months, and I thought it would be fun to put it through it’s paces mapping Slaver’s Bay (the official map is here for comparison). If this catches your interest and you’d like to be an alpha tester – here’s the sign up form.

Here’s the result:

Slaver’s Bay, click to see it larger.

A few observations for next steps for the tool:

  • I need blasted wasteland – hills+volcanoes don’t do Valyria justice
  • Pins with titles aren’t enough to label regions, like Slaver’s Bay or the Gulf of Grief
  • I need better deserts, and cliffs
  • Roads don’t show up well enough on deserts.

Other than those notes, this went surprisingly well. I may well continue to expand out this map with more of Essos. Of course, if you want a big map, you can always grab the huge poster maps I drew for Lands of Ice and Fire :).

5 thoughts on “Mapping Slaver’s Bay”

  1. Awesome. If I may humbly make a few recommendations, you ought to have the road follow the pattern in the sand dunes (it looks a bit weird, and I figure a separate road tile wouldn’t be TOO much more work – I could be entirely wrong, though. Ideally you could design it so that it’s a transparent overlay so that there are less images total.)

    Also, maybe have an option for adjacent mountains and volcanoes to connect to form a range or larger one?

    Overall, it’s fantastic so far, and if I wasn’t so devout about making what I use, I would buy it in a heart beat the second it came out.

    1. All very much the direction this is going in 🙂

      The roads are transparent overlays – and can n fact be placed anywhere. There’s a dearth of road sections right now, but I’ll be rectifying that soon. Thanks for th feedback!

  2. I can’t possibly express how excited I am for this editor. I signed up for the Alpha right away. I sincerely hope it’s available soon!

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