Gather round and hear Tales of the Old Margreve

Open Design has released their latest patronage project – the Tales of the Old Margreve. It’s set deep in an ancient forest of dark happenings and lingering curses.

Regional fantasy map from Open Design's world of Zobeck
The Old Margreve

As the cartographer for the project I’ve just received the final pdf and it’s a beauty. The layout work is fantastic and really reinforces the feel of old eastern European legends and horror. The anthology draws on fairy stories of the old school. Anyone who read the Brother’s Grimm wouldn’t go gaily into the forest looking for elves. This forest is one of ancient power and you disrespect it at your peril.

The 113 page pdf has a Gazeteer of the Margreve to orient yourself in the setting, some rules for tweaked magic, 12 flavourful monsters and 8 full length adventures. The adventures are all written by different authors, which brings a fantastic variety to the challenges they present, but the joy of this supplement is that each adventure ties into the overall theme of the book – resulting in a well rounded impression of the world these stories inhabit.

To whet your appetite, here’s another couple of the maps from the book. You can find the high res versions, and the rest of the maps, in the pdf here.

Levoca fantasy village map for Tales of the Old Margreve
Levoca Village
Fantasy battlemap from the Pathfinder adventure Tales of the Old Margreve by Open Design
Griffon Hatchling Heist

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