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Wayfinder 5 cover for free pathfinder contentWayfinder #5 is out in time for PaizoCon. It’s great to see this fan created magazine going from strength to strength. 5 is a good number – it shows that it has legs and it’s digging in for the long haul. The magazine keeps getting better and better, with this one containing 79 pages of adventures, monsters, variant rules and great art. The production quality is excellent and there are adverts by Paizo, Open Design, NeonCon and Rite Publishing (amongst many more). With that kind of backing, the magazine should have no difficulty continuing to grow. It’s a great place for people to try out their art or writing chops so there’s lots of new names in the contributor list as well as some familiar faces. You should definitely download your free copy to see who’ll be writing for Kobold Quarterly in a few months time!

I have some work in this Wayfinder as well. I created two more map tiles of city locations – to expand the set I created for the last Wayfinder. This time it’s a temple and a cathedral. Feel free to download these and use them for any non-commercial purpose.

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  1. Here is the first batch:

    (6 BP; cannot be adjacent to a House; 1 block)
    A beekeeper field to make honey and pollinate the local farms. Economy +1, Loyalty +1.

    (3 BP per hex; must connect to a river or lake at least 2 hexes from city)
    A raised waterway constructed from stone (or in some rare cases, hard wood lined with fire baked clay) that brings water from a higher elevation to the city. An aqueduct supplies abundant clean water for public fountains and bathhouses, water towers, and the homes of nobility and the wealthy. Have the cost of public fountain and Water Tower in the same city. Economy +2, Stability +2; Unrest -2.

    (8 BP; must be adjacent to a Barracks, Garrison, Castle, or within a Citadel; 1 block)
    Armories are places that store weapons of various sorts. Such places are typically run by either government or nobility. Reduces the BP cost of Resources for outfitting an army by -1 BP (includes Improved Weapons, Improved Armor, and Ranged Weapons); Defense Modifier +2; Unrest –2. Limit one per kingdom).

    (10 BP; requires Counting House; 1 block)
    A secure depository for wealth of many kinds as well as a clearing house for other types of financial transactions. City base value +1,000 gp; Economy +4, Stability +4; Unrest -2.

    (4 BP; must be built adjacent to a water hex or Watertower unless Aqueduct is present; 1 block)
    Bathhouses are places where people can go to clean themselves and perform other hygiene functions. Economy +1, Loyalty +1; Unrest +1.

    (24 BP; must be built adjacent to a 1 house; 1 block)
    A bazaar is an open market for local citizens and travelers alike. City base value +1,000 gp; halves cost of Herbalist, Smithery, and Brewery in same city; 1 minor magic item; Economy +1, Stability +1.

    (Double road cost for the type of hex; used in conjunction with a road to cross a river in a hex)
    Made of wood or stone, bridges provide a simple means to cross small rivers and streams.

    (100 BP per year for 4 years to build; requires Kingdom size of 200+ hexes by end of construction period; 1 district/36 blocks – Citadel fills all outer blocks; inner blocks may be built upon)
    Great defenses reinforce this structure of layered walls, interlocking keeps and moats, lesser castles, towers, and bridges. Provides City Walls for the entire city the citadel occupies. Other buildings may be constructed within the citadel. Halves the cost of an Arena (or Coliseum), City Wall, Castle, Cathedral, and Waterfront (or Harbor – if next to water hex) in same city; Economy +10, Loyalty +10, Stability +10; Defense Modifier +16; Unrest –10; limit one per kingdom (supports up to a Colossal Army).

    City Gate
    (4 BP; requires City Wall, limit one per district wall border)
    A city gate is a fortified structure controlling access in and out of a city. Defense Modifier +2. Unrest -1.

    (6 BP; must be adjacent to a House; 1 block)
    Clothier shops are establishments that sell, make to order, alter, and repair all sorts of clothing and related accessories. Apparel for cold weather or other environmental conditions, custom clothing, costumes, or any sort of clothing related goods beyond what can be purchased in a marketplace or shop. City base value +200 gp; Economy +1.

    (40 BP; replaces Arena; 4 blocks)
    Capable of seating 50,000+ spectators, a Coliseum is used for athletic contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas. Halves cost of Garrison or Theater in same city; Economy +2, Stability +4; limit one per city.

    Counting House
    (3 BP, 1 block)
    The predecessor of banks, counting houses specialize in financial transactions. City base value +200 gp;Economy +2, Stability +2.

    (20 BP; requires Jail and Townhall; 2 blocks)
    A public venue for settling disputes between community members and determining the guilt of accused criminals. Halves cost of Prison in same city; Loyalty +1, Stability +2, Unrest -1.

    Druid Grove
    (34 BP; may not be within 1 hex of any town or city; requires an NPC druid ally)
    An isolated bit of nature set aside for a friendly druid. Halves cost of Alchemist, Brewery, and Herbalist in same city. City base value +500 gp; 2 minor items, 1 medium item; Stability +2; limit one per city.

    (24 BP; must be adjacent to Town Hall, Castle, or Citadel; 2 blocks)
    A diplomatic mission representing a state or kingdom in another kingdom. The role of such a mission is to protect in the interests of both states and their people. Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1; limit one per city.

    (12 BP; Replaces an existing Farm with Farm Improvement)
    Change an established farm hex into an Estate. An estate comprises the houses and outbuildings and supporting farmland and woods that surround the gardens and grounds of a very large property. It is an “estate” because the profits from its produce and rents are sufficient to support the household at its center as well as supply a surplus to the local economy. Each hex in your kingdom containing an Estate reduces your Consumption by 2 BP. Economy +1, Stability +1.

    (60 BP; must be adjacent to 2 Warehouses; 2 blocks)
    A mercantile exchange trades in bulk goods, food, and resources as well as helping to maintain stable prices for commodities. City base value +2,500 gp; Halves cost of Inn, Clothier and Shop in same city; 3 minor items, 2 medium items, 1 major item; Economy +4, Stability +; limit one per city.

    Farm Improvement
    (BP cost = 2x original BP cost to establish the farmland; must be used on existing farm; improvement counts toward total “Farmland Improvements per Month;” 1 farm hex)
    Irrigation and farming improvements have increased the output of the farm. Reduce kingdom Consumption by -1; Economy +1, Stability +1.
    Fish Camp
    (6 BP; must be adjacent to lake, river, stream, swamp, or other water hex)
    Fish camps harvest crab, fish, lobster, shrimp and other water creatures and then either ship them alive or prepared for storage and transport (pickled, salted, or smoked). Economy +1, Stability +1. The benefit is doubled if the hex contains a “resource” like rare exotic crabs or runs of salmon. Economy +2, Stability +2.

    (6 BP; cannot be built within 3 hexes of a city, hex must have a road or river)
    Cost is halved if built over an area with an existing Lair or Cave. Instead of building a farm hex, a fort can be built in any hex. Does not count as a city; Stability +1, Unrest -1; (supports up to a Medium Army); If the hex is attacked, +2 Defense.

    Gambling Hall
    (4 BP; 1 block)
    Gambling parlors are places where people can go to play games of chance for money, using a variety of random methods like cards, dice, tiles, coins, wheels, drawing of numbered balls, and so on. Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Unrest +1.

    Gear Shop
    (26 BP; 1 block)
    The workshop and home of a friendly, eccentric inventor (usually gnomish); full of clanking metal and very curious contraptions, some of which dangerous enough to assist in defense. Halves cost of Mill, Smith, and Tannery in same city. City base value +500 gp; 2 minor items. Economy +2; Defense Modifier +1; Unrest +1; limit one per city.

    (90 BP; cost may be reduced by half if Harbor replaces a Waterfront; must be adjacent to a water border; 4 blocks)
    A harbor is a fortified waterfront which includes shipyards, and facilities for travel and commerce. City base value +3,000 gp; 3 minor items, 2 medium items, 1 major item; Halves cost of Exchange, Guildhall, Market, Black Market, and Lighthouse in same city; Consumption -2, Economy +4; Unrest +1.Defense Modifier +4; limit one per city.

    (8 BP; 1 block; must be adjacent to Monastery or Temple)
    Hospices are establishments where sick, injured, or otherwise unwell patients can rest, heal, and receive medical care and the attention of trained and qualified physicians, which may or may not include clerics. Loyalty +2, Stability +2, Unrest –1.

    (10 BP; 1 block)
    Precursors of modern cafeterias, buffets, and fast food restaurants, commercial kitchens serve simple but hardy fare at affordable prices to the masses in an urban setting. Economy +1, Loyalty +1; Unrest –1.

  2. And the second batch:

    Land Preserve
    (5 BP; cannot be used on a land hex claimed by farms, mines, or logging camp; 1 hex)
    The land of the kingdom is more than just a source of resources, property, and wealth; it also provides peace of mind and tranquility to those who know how to enjoy it. Loyalty +1, Stability +1 (if a camp, farm, fort, mine, or a city is established in the same hex, the benefits of the Land Preserve are lost).

    (10 BP; must be adjacent to a water border unless added to Sky Harbor; requires Harbor, Piers, Sky Harbor or Waterfront)
    A tower that provides illumination to water craft at night and in fog. May be added to an existing Harbor, Piers, Sky Harbor, or Waterfront (no additional space required). Loyalty +1; Unrest –1; limit one per city.

    Lock Shop
    (4 BP; must be adjacent to 1 house; 1 block)
    Lock shops are businesses that offer security for goods. Much like modern storage facilities, a lock shop provides its customers with a place to securely store things. Lock shops either offer keys, a numbered token or in some rare instances, merely the knowledge something is stored in a certain “box” and a coded pass phrase. City base value +300 gp; Economy +1, Unrest -1.

    Logging Camp
    (6 BP; must be in forest; must have a river or road in hex)
    Instead of building a farm hex, you can build a logging camp and mill in forests. Acts as a farm to reduce consumption (like farms, must have a road to put a camp in). Economy +1, Stability +1. The benefit is doubled if the hex contains a “resource” like rare lumber: +2 Economy, +2 Stability.

    (10 BP; 1 block)
    A single huge manor housing a rich family and its servants. Stability +1.

    (30 BP; must be built adjacent to a Mansion or Palace; 1 block)
    Predecessors of zoos, menageries are collections of exotic wild animals that might also include all sorts of magical beasts and monsters. Economy +1, Stability +1, Loyalty +1; Unrest -1.

    (6 BP)
    Instead of building a farm hex, you can build a mine in hills or mountains. Economy +1, Stability +1. The bonuses are doubled if the hex contains a “resource” like gold, marble, gems, or iron ore: Economy +2, Stability +2.

    (70 BP; must be adjacent to an Castle or Citadel; 2 blocks)
    The mint is chartered to produce coinage, banknotes, or whatever financial instruments are accepted as legal tender. City base value +5,000 gp; Economy +10, Stability +10; Unrest +5; limit one per kingdom.

    (26 BP; must be built adjacent to an Academy, Noble Villa, or University; 2 blocks)
    Museums are places devoted to collecting, safeguarding, and displaying various sorts of items and artifacts and might be devoted to any particular people, race, art, science, pursuit, or other subject or combinations thereof. City base value +1,000 gp; Economy +2, Loyalty +2.

    National Monument
    (12 BP; 1 block)
    A monument on a grand scale can be a colossal statue, a magnificent garden, an enormous tomb to a beloved hero, or a unique building or art display. Loyalty +3; Unrest –1; limit one per city.

    (48 BP; 4 blocks)
    Palaces are the large and usually extravagant homes of heads of state, high-ranking public and religious figures, and sometimes other wealthy or powerful individuals. A Palace typically includes a number of smaller outbuildings, including gardens, servant’s quarters, stables, Halves cost of Menagerie; Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

    Pawn Shop
    (4 BP; must be adjacent to 1 house; 1 block)
    Pawnshops are businesses that offer monetary loans in exchange for items of value, which the pawn broker holds as collateral and are subsequently called pledges or pawns. City base value +200 gp; Economy +1, Unrest +1.

    (16 BP; must be adjacent to a water border, 1 x 2 blocks)
    Warehouses and workshops for docking ships and handling cargo and passengers. City base value +1,000 gp; +1 Economy, +1 Stability.

    (22 BP; requires Jail; 2 blocks)
    A large fortified structure for housing criminals. Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Unrest –2.

    Public Fountain
    (10 BP; requires Aqueduct; may be included in Park; otherwise 1 block)
    A public fountain can be anything from a small stone pool feed by pipe from an Aqueduct to large ornately decorated reflected pools which spray water into the air. Such pools provide pure water to the general public at no cost. Loyalty +1, Stability +1; Unrest -1.

    (6 BP; 1 block)
    Restaurants are businesses that strive to provide distinctly pleasurable, fine dining experiences to paying customers, serving good-quality meals with individual service in distinctive settings. A restaurant may specialize in providing a particular sort of food or the cuisine of a particular foreign country, though often such restaurants also provide common local selections. City base value +100 gp; Economy +1.

    (8 BP; 1 block)
    An institution where basic literacy, mathematics, and history are taught; excludes magic. Loyalty +2, Unrest –2.

    (10 BP; must be adjacent to a House; 1 block)
    Scriptoriums or scriptoria, are facilities devoted to the hand-copying and illustration of books. Places of this sort are often affiliated with other institutions, such as temples, monasteries, scroll shops, and Caster’s lodges. Halves cost of a School and Library; Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

    (9 BP per district; must be including in the clearing cost of a district)
    A network of stone tunnels running under a town or city which connect to homes and businesses; sewers provide for the easy disposal of waste as well as acting a method of controlling flooding during heavy rains. City base value +300 gp; Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1; Unrest -1.

    Signal Tower
    (10 BP; requires Watch Tower (may be included in Watch Tower)
    Using fires, special materials that cause colored smoke, or mirror and even magic, these towers provide extremely rapid communication. Defense Modifier +1; limit one per hex.

    Sky Harbor
    (90 BP; requires Caster’s Tower and Wizard’s Guild; 2 x 2 city blocks)
    A port for arrival and departure when traveling by airship or large flying creatures (such as dragons or rocs), facilities for building airships, and a center of commerce. City base value +6,000 gp; 3 minor items, 2 medium items, 1 major item; halves cost of Magic Shop, halves Loyalty penalty for tax edicts; Economy +2; limit one per city.

    Slave Pen
    (10 BP; 2 blocks, not allowed in good kingdoms)
    Slave pens are places where intelligent races are bought, sold, and temporarily imprisoned while their disposition is being determined. Such facilities are run by slavers who have, to varying extents, the attributes of merchants, raiders, and prison guards. Add Slave Revolt [similar to Bandit Activity] to the list of possible Kingdom Events. Economy +3; Unrest +4

    Stock Yard
    (16 BP; cannot be adjacent to a house; 2 x 2 blocks)
    A large secure holding facility for a variety of livestock including, cattle, horses, ostriches, oxen, sheep, swine, etc. Halves the cost of Butcher and Tannery. City base value +300 gp; Economy +1; Unrest +1

    Trading Post
    (6 BP; cannot be built within 3 hexes of a city; must be adjacent to road or river)
    Trading posts are places established for the purchase, sale, and exchange of goods along and at the junctions of roads, rivers, and other travel venues, or in far-flung places where specific sorts of commodities can be obtained. Does not count as a city; Economy +1, Stability +1.

    (90 BP; requires Academy; 2 x 2 blocks)
    An institution of higher learning that focuses on Knowledge based education, including magic. Halves cost of Caster’s Tower, Library, and Magic Shop in same city; City base value +2,000 gp; 3 minor items, 2 medium items; 1 major item; Economy +2, Loyalty +2; limit one per city.

    War College
    (60 BP; requires kingdom size of 100+ hexes; must be adjacent to a Castle or Citadel; 2 x 2 blocks)
    A War College is a place where warriors, train with weapons, tactics, and formulate strategies. A War College trains military leaders in specific weapons, fighting styles, philosophies, tactics, and military strategy. The War College improves the benefit of any Tactics earned by armies by +1; Economy +2, Loyalty +4; limit one per kingdom.

    (6 BP; 1 block):
    Warehouses are structures used for both long and short-term storage of large quantities of goods and materials. City base value +300 gp; Economy +1.

    Water Tower
    (4 BP; 1 block)
    A water towers is a large elevated water storage container constructed to hold a fresh water supply at a height sufficient to pressurize a water distribution system for a single city district. Loyalty +2; Unrest -1.

    (10 BP; 1 x 2 blocks)
    Some of the nearby farms grown more than corn and their grapes are put to good use here. Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

    (5 BP; 1 block)
    Workhouses are places where people who are unable to support themselves can go to live and work, and many of the indigent inmates of such places include the mentally or physically infirm, widows, orphans, abandoned wives, and the aged. Economy +1, Unrest +2

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