Some Sketches and Screenshots from a Work in Progress

A web based fantasy hex mapper
Fantastic Mapper – current status

If you’ve been following along on Google+ you’ve likely seen some notes on a hex mapping project in the works. This hex mapper started as a challenge to myself over the summer when I took a holiday back to visit my parents on Skye:

Can I code a hex mapper web app during a holiday?

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More Free City Tiles!

Wayfinder 5 cover for free pathfinder contentWayfinder #5 is out in time for PaizoCon. It’s great to see this fan created magazine going from strength to strength. 5 is a good number – it shows that it has legs and it’s digging in for the long haul. The magazine keeps getting better and better, with this one containing 79 pages of adventures, monsters, variant rules and great art. The production quality is excellent and there are adverts by Paizo, Open Design, NeonCon and Rite Publishing (amongst many more). With that kind of backing, the magazine should have no difficulty continuing to grow. It’s a great place for people to try out their art or writing chops so there’s lots of new names in the contributor list as well as some familiar faces. You should definitely download your free copy to see who’ll be writing for Kobold Quarterly in a few months time!

I have some work in this Wayfinder as well. I created two more map tiles of city locations – to expand the set I created for the last Wayfinder. This time it’s a temple and a cathedral. Feel free to download these and use them for any non-commercial purpose.

Wayfinder #4 Map Tiles

Wayfinder 4 free fantasy magazine for Paizo's pathfinder settingWayfinder #4 is out – the latest iteration of the excellent free Paizo fanzine. You can grab your free copy here – and I recommend that you do, it’s 92 pages of great free content.

Now that it’s out I can show off some of the art I did for the magazine – the map tiles that appear on p85. Here they are in all their glory – free to use (for non-commercial purposes) for anyone who would like them. Let me know what you think, and whether an expanded set would be useful.

Click the thumbs below to see the large versions of the image and download them, or just right-click save as to download each one. Enjoy!