Wayfinder #4 Map Tiles

Wayfinder 4 free fantasy magazine for Paizo's pathfinder settingWayfinder #4 is out – the latest iteration of the excellent free Paizo fanzine. You can grab your free copy here – and I recommend that you do, it’s 92 pages of great free content.

Now that it’s out I can show off some of the art I did for the magazine – the map tiles that appear on p85. Here they are in all their glory – free to use (for non-commercial purposes) for anyone who would like them. Let me know what you think, and whether an expanded set would be useful.

Click the thumbs below to see the large versions of the image and download them, or just right-click save as to download each one. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Wayfinder #4 Map Tiles”

    1. Would you use these printed out or virtually in a program like maptool? I’m also mulling ways of making them less obviously repetitive in structure – such as going with a hex structure. There will probably be a short post about new ideas shortly.

      1. I was thinking virtually in some fashion. I saw the new post with the initial hex ideas, which I do like for more areas that are more ‘sprawl’ than planned. Really, either method isn’t going to get you anything that’s perfect for all uses, obviously, but a combination of the two for various sections of a city could get you a lot of mileage.

        1. Do you use a particular virtual tabletop program? I’m testing these with maptool as I go along to see how they’ll work.

          Interesting idea to use some for more focused areas and others for the whole city. That might well work. Somebody criticised this as being too small for use as a battlemap, but too big for a whole city.

  1. I would love more of these in this fashion 50px squares as I would use them for my Kingmaker campaign that I am running in MapTools. We have all of the ones provided in the Adventure Path, but on Paizo’s forums there are so many more buildings statted up. If I had a 1/4 of the talent you have, I would do them myself. Thanks for these as they will soon see use!

    1. If you have the time to put together a collection of buildings that you’d like – and the number of 50px by 50px squares they fit in then I can get that on the list. I don’t have time to go through the forums myself though – so that would be really helpful.

      Glad you’re finding them useful – would love to see some screenshots!

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