Annual Style for Profantasy

I talked a little earlier about the upcoming Annual Style for Profantasy. It’s out now as the March Annual style so I can show off a little more of the work.

The guys at Profantasy used the style to recreate the world of Caera map for the Dungeonslayers free RPG. It’s surprising, and flattering, to see my work in some else’s map. Click the image for a larger version:

Edit: Looks like the image is no longer available.

I’m really pleased with the results they’re getting with this tileset. If you download the annual style let me know how you get on!

6 thoughts on “Annual Style for Profantasy”

    1. Thanks! It’s a style I’ve been working on since the Rhune map and It was a great exercise to formalise it and build a proper tileset from it. Glad you like it! Do you use CC3?

      1. Yes, I do have CC3 (and last years annual but not this years as yet) but I am not that facile with the program. I need more practice.

  1. This is an awsome tile set, great job creating it sir. I will be purchasing this ASAP and plan to use it to make the maps for my novels world of Karuna.

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