Wayfinder Boardgame – Free Download

Cover for Wayfinder 6 for PathfinderA new edition of Wayfinder, the perennial free fan created magazine for the Pathfinder game, is out. In issue #6 the Paizonians have headed north to the frozen lands of the Linnorm Kings. The magazine is filled with treasure, monsters and adventure – all rendered with some truly beautiful art. The Wayfinder series gets prettier and prettier with each iteration and is starting to put some pay for products to shame.

Amongst the decidedly nordic themes of the magazine are a number of games of skill and chance. One of these is a game called the Great Hunt, where players compete to kill the Great Wyrm, or each other, whichever comes first. Continue reading “Wayfinder Boardgame – Free Download”

Free city and archipelago maps

So it seems it slipped my mind to post these maps up. They were created for Wayfinder #3 (a long time ago) and are free for people to download for their own use. I tend to stick to battlemap scale maps for my fantasy map packs as I feel those are the most useful. If you’d like to see maps like this as map packs – let me know in the comments.

First up – an archipelago:

Free fantasy archipelago map for pathfinder and 4e d&d

Second – we have a small city (well, really a large town):

Free map of fantasy city for pathfinder and 4E d&d

These are free for personal use. Feel free to download and share around under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Who know, a series of islands and a fortified town on the water might be just what you need for the pirates in your Skull and Shackles game!

Wayfinder #4 Map Tiles

Wayfinder 4 free fantasy magazine for Paizo's pathfinder settingWayfinder #4 is out – the latest iteration of the excellent free Paizo fanzine. You can grab your free copy here – and I recommend that you do, it’s 92 pages of great free content.

Now that it’s out I can show off some of the art I did for the magazine – the map tiles that appear on p85. Here they are in all their glory – free to use (for non-commercial purposes) for anyone who would like them. Let me know what you think, and whether an expanded set would be useful.

Click the thumbs below to see the large versions of the image and download them, or just right-click save as to download each one. Enjoy!