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Cover for Wayfinder 6 for PathfinderA new edition of Wayfinder, the perennial free fan created magazine for the Pathfinder game, is out. In issue #6 the Paizonians have headed north to the frozen lands of the Linnorm Kings. The magazine is filled with treasure, monsters and adventure – all rendered with some truly beautiful art. The Wayfinder series gets prettier and prettier with each iteration and is starting to put some pay for products to shame.

Amongst the decidedly nordic themes of the magazine are a number of games of skill and chance. One of these is a game called the Great Hunt, where players compete to kill the Great Wyrm, or each other, whichever comes first. I put together the board and tokens for the game, and to help you all play along at home I’ve got them here for you to download for free. You can download the bundle here (tokens and board and a maptool file). Here they are individually as well:

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting this.

    What gallery plug-in are you using to show the individual graphics? I’m kinda liking it’s presentation.

    1. It’s actually the wordpress.com gallery. As this is a .com wordpress blog (rather than the self hosted .org sites) I don’t have control over the plugins. I keep meaning to move it self hosted, but actually it does 90% of what I need with no hassle at all at the moment. CSS control would be nice, but it’s not currently worth the headache of moving this self hosted just yet.

      I’d guess whatever wordpress plugin is doing the gallery view should come to self hosted sites shortly, probably with the new update.

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