Journey to the world of Illfrost

World of Lannithir for Illfrost Campaign Setting

This month sees the release of the World of Illfrost, a new world for 4e D&D.  Its icy grip is perfectly timed as winter descends our own frozen north. I worked with the guys at Illusionary Press to create the world map and the maps for the first adventure.

To give you a taster, Illusionary Press are giving away a primer for free over on RPGNow. Download it and learn more about this land locked in winter. Once you’ve got a taste, you can pick up the first adventure which introduces both players and DMs to the themes of the setting. The adventurers start off locked in slavery, and must escape. It’s a classic opening to any adventure harking right back to In The Dungeons of the Slavelords, and Don Pritchett carries it off with pace and panache.

Map of the Straits of Innis Ruinn for Illusionary Press

As cartographer for the second adventure, I can guarantee that you won’t have to wait long for the next installment. It’s great to see more third party publishers supporting 4th Edition with material of this quality. You should certainly check it out.

You can also pick up the maps from the first adventure as map packs, but I’ll be going into more detail about them next week.

4 thoughts on “Journey to the world of Illfrost”

  1. There wouldn’t, perchance, be a north-south mountain range to the immediate east of the lands displayed there, would there? 🙂

    (Widen the Bosphorous and Dardanelles, put another strait through the middle of Anatolia, replace Poland and Croatia and parts further west with a big honkin’ ocean and put a strait to that ocean through Moldova… yeah, I’d say that looks pretty familiar.)

    1. Interesting point! I’m pretty sure that this isn’t based on the region around the Bosphorous, but not that you mention it it does look similar.

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