Free city and archipelago maps

So it seems it slipped my mind to post these maps up. They were created for Wayfinder #3 (a long time ago) and are free for people to download for their own use. I tend to stick to battlemap scale maps for my fantasy map packs as I feel those are the most useful. If you’d like to see maps like this as map packs – let me know in the comments.

First up – an archipelago:

Free fantasy archipelago map for pathfinder and 4e d&d

Second – we have a small city (well, really a large town):

Free map of fantasy city for pathfinder and 4E d&d

These are free for personal use. Feel free to download and share around under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. Who know, a series of islands and a fortified town on the water might be just what you need for the pirates in your Skull and Shackles game!

13 thoughts on “Free city and archipelago maps”

  1. Been seeing alot of your work off MapTools.Love your work.Might even have a custom map job for you later next year.But these are greta as freebies.Again very nice work.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. That’s somewhat inevitable when you put art on the internet, but irritating nonetheless. I’m on it. Much appreciated.

  2. I have used one of your maps as the cover picture to chapter 15 of a story I am writing, email me at if this is not ok.

    Also, any feedback on the story would be appreciated if you feel like it.

      1. Use for the cover picture is fine – but please add attribution for the image. It’s creative commons licensed, but that license requires: attribution (my name as artist and a link back), that the use is non-commercial, and that you share alike any use of the map.

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