The Arboretum

Remorhaz vtt token by DevinNight
Remorhaz token by DevinNight

Forstor Nagar is an icy city, carved out of a glacier in the frozen north. However not all things can be created from ice, and the city needs wood for building, and fruits and berries for nutrition. But how do you grow things in these sub-zero temperatures? Well, first of all you create greenhouses, and then you heat them with drugged remorhaz! What could possibly go wrong?

In this week’s map pack we find an arboretum in the heart of the frozen city. The remorhaz (or other burrowing creature of your choice) has escaped, and run riot through the quarter leaving destruction in its wake.

fantasy ice map of an arboretum for d&d

With each square representing 5 feet this is another large battle area, with both indoor and outdoor areas (notice the smokehouse to the west of the map). The trees provide places for PCs to hide and nervous adventurers can retreat to the icy roofs of the houses to the south to use ranged attacks.

Arboretum fantasy map pack for d&d and pathfinderThe map pack contains:

  • High resolution jpgs of the map with and without grid for poster printing or use in virtual tabletops
  • pdf map packs in bother US letter and A4 formats with printer friendly greyscale and full colour versions of the map to print out page by page fo use at the game table
  • A maptool map file with vision blocking and light set up for quick use in any OGL, PFRPG or 4E game.

You can pick up the map pack on RPGNow and Paizo. This map, as with the other frozen map packs, were created for the Pathfinder module The Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

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