More IDW Maps! Now with extra Drizzt.

There’s a new IDW comic line out – the Legend of Drizzt. As with many previous comics IDW decided to do a special Module Edition of the first comic in the series, with an adventure for 4e D&D (written by Logan Bonner) included so that you can run sessions involving that most famous of the drow for your own players. I was very happy to be asked to do the maps for it. The module edition is a not-for-sale special edition, but might well appear in the compiled series, or in a special legacy edition as with earlier comics.

As someone who grew up reading the Crystal Shard it’s a huge kick to see my name in a book with RA Salvatore splashed across the cover. With NY Comic Con on this weekend it seems like an appropriate time to put up the maps from the first comic in the series.

You’ll notice something special about these. They’re full resolution 300dpi images. Not only that, but IDW have kindly given permission to share versions without any labels on them for you to print out and use at the game table – or in a vtt. Click here to download the full set with labels removed. They are sized at 60px = 1 square.

One thought on “More IDW Maps! Now with extra Drizzt.”

  1. Hi. I was wondering if these maps are still available. I would like to run this game with my friends. I can’t find them anywhere. If you could share a place where they are that would be great. I love this comic book.
    Thank you.

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