Enter the Lost City and unearth its secrets

The Lost City fantasy adventure for 4e d&dThe Lost City has been found! Logan Bonner and Open Design have released their archaeological delve into the secrets beneath the sands this week and I had the pleasure of mapping the crazy locations that Logan and the patrons came up with. I’ve never before been given an art brief that involved drawing a deity – I’m just saying.

The Lost City takes place under the sands that hide the crashed remains of a flying city. As the PCs investigate they uncover the history of the city and must find out why the city fell from the skies.

A flying city is a wondrous location anyway, but the patrons and Logan pulled out the stops when coming up with fun sandbox locations for adventurers to explore. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers (but there are some – so if you’re a player you should look away now), but here’s a selection of some of the maps I created for the book:

Fantasy map of the fallen city of KadralhuThe city of Kadrahlu buried beneath the sands. Only the shards of a single tower poke out above the surface.

Phoenix Tower fantasy mapThe Phoenix Tower – I love this as a way into a dungeon. You think you’re climbing down into a dungeon, but actually you’re starting at the very tip of a buried structure. When the players figure out what’s going on they get a proper sense of vertigo.

Waterworks map for fantasy 4e dungeon

Not all maps are entirely dungeon maps. This one is a map created by previous explorers of the water system, with specific dangers labelled and the magical gates and their destinations noted.

Forbidden archive fantasy map

The Forbidden Archive, on the other hand, is a classic dungeon. Runic circles, statues of dragons, puzzles and a disturbing giant skeleton locked (with treasure) behind a magical barrier.

fantasy city map of the sand giant city of Kadrahlu from Lost CityI even got to create a city map for the adventure with the city that sits at the heart of the fallen island.

This is a great book which does what a good adventure should – allows the players the chance to explore a fun dungeon with challenging foes, and provides layers of mystery that they can peel back as they venture deeper. I can highly recommend picking up the Lost City – definitely worth checking out.

3 thoughts on “Enter the Lost City and unearth its secrets”

  1. Great work on these Jon. I was one of the patrons on this project and really appreciate your work. I’m curious-is it possible to buy all the maps from you in jpg/pdf format? I run my game online (using Fantasy Grounds 2) and the maps in the pdf adventure I got, are simply too small to be of use.


    1. I’m going to have to defer to Wolfgang and Logan on this. I’ve got an agreement that I can resell the jpgs for KQ maps as map packs suitable for vtt use, but I don’t have an agreement like that for patronage projects. I’ll get in touch with Wolfgang and see if I can get a ruling on it. Of course, an email from you to him directly wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

      Glad you like them! Jon

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