Barricades and Bonfires – the Siege of the Inner City

Cover image for Ath The Gates fantasy city map pack for pathfinder and 4E D&DIt’s a new month, and that means a new map pack. Once again we venture to cold and wintery climes – unlike the current balmy weather we’re enjoying on the Eastern Seaboard. Today’s map pack takes us deep into the heart of a besieged city of ice, with the armies of the attackers camped outside the central compound. A moat, crenelated walls and sturdy gates bat the final assault. In the stalemate, the attackers have built a robust barricade of carts and wagons to fend off any counter assault. Buildings are shattered from artillery fire but calm reigns before the inevitable storm of the final assault. (map preview after the jump)

Siege at the city gates fantasy map pack illustration for pathfinder and 4e D&D

The map can be used for the attacking PCs taking a frost giant stronghold, as defenders trying to keep the besieging hordes at bay, or (as in the Breaking of Forstor Nagar) for an infiltration between two armies staring each other down.

And this is a huge battlefield. Printed out at 1 inch per square scale this weighs in at 40 inches by 48 inches. That’s over 13 square feet of urban combat for your home game.

The map pack comes with the usual suite of formats:

Wagon illustration for fantasy city map pack

  • pdf map packs in A4 and letter size for printing out at 1 square = 1 inch scale at the game table. Packs are provided in both colour and printer friendly light greyscale for ease of use.
  • High res jpgs of the map with grid, without grid, and without any objects for easy use with virtual tabletops, or for poster printing for a tabletop game.
  • Maptool files set up with light and vision for quick use in any 4e or OGL/PF game.
  • Separate png files for the bonfire, tent and each section of the barricade. Use them in this map, and then re-use them for any other urban combat or camp scene.

The pack is available on RPGNow, and if you like cities carved from ice, check out the Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

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