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Journeys – the lifelines of Westeros

The last map from the Lands of Ice and Fire is the map of Journeys – all the paths taken by the characters in the novels of A Song of Ice and Fire (up to the end of Dances with Dragons). This map contains spoilers, so don’t look too carefully if you’ve not read to the end of A Dance With Dragons.

Journeys map of the character routes for Game of Thrones

Journeys, © George RR Martin 2012, used with permission

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The Official Map of Westeros

Westeros map for Game of Thrones

Westeros, © George RR Martin, 2012, used with permission

Westeros is the beating heart of A Song of Ice and Fire. In this map Westeros gets its own official map in the form of a 3 foot by 2 foot poster. Continue reading

The Dothraki Sea

Dothraki Sea map for Game of Thrones

The Dothraki Sea, © George RR Martin, used with permission

Today, the Dothraki Sea – home to the horse lords who destroy everything in their path. These tribes define a large part of the early books, offering a glimpse into a totally different culture from Westeros. Daenerys is brutally inducted into their ranks to help buy and army, and transforms to become a Khaleesi in her own right. Continue reading

The East

The East map for Game of Thrones

The East, © George RR Martin 2012, used with permission

Today we visit the trackless East – land of mystery, off the edge of the known world.

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King’s Landing

King's Landing map for Game of Thrones

King’s Landing, © George RR Martin 2012, used with permission

King’s Landing, heart of power in Westeros, location of the Iron Throne. This city acts as the fulcrum for the plots and machinations of the warring factions of the Seven Kingdoms. This map is something of a dichotomy. It contains more detail than any of the world or regional maps, but fewer named locations. To see the high resolution version, you’ll need to pick up the poster map folio – The Lands of Ice and Fire – but if you want to see some detail shots, read on after the jump. Continue reading

Slaver’s Bay

Today, the cities of the Slavers. If you’re following the TV series then you might be wondering why this part of the world merits a map all to itself, but all will become clear….

Official Slaver's Bay map for Game of Thrones

Slaver’s Bay, © George RR Martin 2012, used with permission

This is the second map with detail illustrations of the different cities. Continue reading

The Free Cities

The Free Cities map for Game of Thrones

The Free Cities, © George RR Martin, used with permission

Today we’re travelling to the Narrow Sea and visiting the city states of Lys, Pentos, Myr and Braavos.

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Official World Map of A Song of Ice and Fire

Last year I was commissioned by Random House to create 12 24″ by 36″ maps of the world of A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. It was a dream commission for me. I originally read the books in college and, like so many others, was absorbed by the rich world. The lack of good maps bothered me, but I assumed that some day they would be created. I never expected I’d be the one to do it.

The Official World map for Game of Thrones

The Known World from Westeros to far Asshai, © George RR Martin, 2012 used with permission.

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Shadowlands – revealed at last

A while ago I ran a gallery show of fantasy maps, and through that I met Christopher Merwin – a great guy and a local New York game designer. He was working on a fantasy world for the Pathfinder RPG called Sæmyyr, and asked me to work on a world map. Little did I know just how much detail and thought had gone into the design of that world. Here, many many months later, is the finished product. In the meantime, this world has been the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and has had some truly beautiful maps created for the cities by Michael Arrington. Check them out on their facebook page.

world map of the Saemmyr fantasy setting for Blackstar Studios

You’re going to want to click through on this one to the full image. The nice guys at Blackstar have given me permission to post this version at 50% of the print resolution!

It was a new style for me – and I’m really pleased with the result. You can check out some of the details of how I developed the mountain style in this post from last September.

I was asked about the unlabeled version of the map. As it happens Blackstar Games are publishing the unlabeled version too, so here’s a downsized preview of the unlabeled map:

world map of the Saemmyr fantasy setting for Blackstar Studios