How to draw isometric cliffs

Following my quick run down of how to draw cliffs  here’s an equally quick one for drawing cliffs on isometric maps.

How to draw isometric cliffs

1. Draw the top of the cliff. Make the horizontal variations in the line larger than the vertical variations. This will sell the cliff as being viewed side on.

2. Draw the vertical edges. These should come down from every ‘wiggle’ in your cliff top line. Give them different lengths and allow your hand to wiggle a little giving them some jitter.

3. Add some ground lines for the base of the cliff. These represent the run off of debris from the cliff and give the cliff a well defined base. Just like a figure drawing needs a floor and feet to ground it, a cliff needs a base to settle it into the map. Add a few lines around the top to suggest the lie of the land around the top of the cliff and allow the top to blend into the map.

That’s it! Would it be useful to follow this with a rundown of how to colour this up?

As always, you can find previous tutes on G+ by searching for #fmtips or over on the tutorials page of my blog:

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