The Weather Outside is Frightful

So a pretty hefty snow-dump just landed on NE and I’m inside looking out the window at a very white NYC. We were out last night and a friend was talking about his upcoming travels, to much warmer climes. So today I thought I’d buck the trend of all the snow pictures, and post a map set in the savannah:

Fantasy Savannah Camp map

This was originally created for the Litorians supplement by Rite Publishing (with some very lovely cover art from Hugo Solis), but also comes as a map pack. The map pack version comes in high-res jpg, with and without grid, maptool campaign file, and as a printable multi-page pdf in colour and greyscale.

The map was fun to create – the challenge was to create a camp ground that would be defnsible in the savannah and would give some hints of the people who live there. In this case, the tribe based in the camp hunt bulettes and to have killed a bulette is a great symbol of status. The leader of the band gets the prime spot on the high koppe and has the tent with the bulette hide door.

Another challenge was showing the vertical height. I wanted to give some indication of the kind of structures you see in the Matopas. The stacked rocks give a distinctive stepped feel to the map, and the linework combined with some long shadows helps convey the elevation of the watch posts. I hope you enjoy this little dose of sunshine on a cold Saturday morning! If you want to see the big version, check out the full map pack on RPGNow or the full map bundle ($1 a map) with this map and many more.

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