A free dungeon map and some updates

Here’s a map to brighten up your Thursday. This one’s from the archives and is free for you to use. They’re both CC-NC-SA-BY licensed, so feel free to download them, use them, edit them and share them: A free fantasy map of an underground lairFree dungeon map without labels for game

Things have been pretty busy over here. As is always the case I have map commissions on that I can’t really talk about – including one very exciting new opportunity that recently came my way. More on that very shortly. This one’s a quick turnaround…

I’ve just finished the maps for Tales of the Old Margreve. No surprise that this involved an awful lot of trees, but there were other surprises in there too. I’ll post those maps once the product is out.

In other news, the Fantasy Map Maker map competition deadline is up and the maps are in. The line up looks great and I’ll be judging them along with the other judges over the weekend. Head over, check them out, and leave some comments for the brave souls that put their work up for consideration in return for a chance at some Profantasy vouchers.

The Terra Incognita gallery show continues to go well. We’ve now got a full listing of prices for all the prints available after renegotiating the print costs with our printers. If you’re interested in a wall map of the Belgariad or Vaasa, Greyhawk or Kaer Maga – then check them out. The prints are all professional quality limited edition prints on canvas or high grade art paper.

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