Fantastic Maps on Sale until September 1st

My Fantastic Maps range of fantasy maps is on sale this week (all 30% off, and the bundle reduced even more). The map packs have shiny new covers like this:

Fantasy map cover art for the Low River map pack
Each map pack has a jpg map sized for use with maptool or other virtual tabletop programs (mostly with a 100px grid but a couple of earlier maps are 75px), along with a printable multi-page map pack if you want to use it at a gametable. Many of the map packs contain maptool files with the VBL drawn in and grids and lighting set up for either 4e or OGL games. All of them will have these files included in early September (they’re all done, just not quite uploaded yet). If you buy now, you will get the new files with the maptool files when they are updated – so no reason to hold off.

Enjoy! Sale ends September 1st. You can find all the map packs here.

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