The Stepped Pyramid

Fantasy map pack cover - the stepped pyramidThis one completes the set of map packs from the Coliseum Morpheuon project by Rite Publishing. This map is a great stepped ziggurat that players must assault. This can work as an ancient ritual site, as a half buried relic of an ancient culture or as a location for the crowning of the party after they have defeated a great evil.

Here’s a small preview of the full size map in the pack:

Fantasy battlemap of a stepped pyramid for map pack
The pack includes:

• High resolution jpgs of the map for use in virtual tabletops (100px per grid resolution).
• greyscale and colour pdf packs that allow you to print off the map for use at the gametable with 1 inch squares in both A4 and US letter sizes
• Maptool files with vision blocking geometry for both 4e and Pathfinder (using maptool 1.3.b63).

As this is a relatively simple map, this is on sale at the super cheap price of $0.99. You can find the pack on RPGNow here.

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