New Map Packs – The Ice Ships and the Arena of Fire

Two new map packs on sale this week – Glass Ships and Icebergs and the Arena of Fire. These are both from the Coliseum Morpheuon project by Rite Publishing and form the backdrop for different contests in the adventure. In you own campaign these could be the terrain for an arctic exploration with ice breakers, or the entrance to a frozen underwater lair. The Arena of Fire could be an alien vault with a river of lava or the central square of a city, shaken by an erupting volcano.

Both map packs include:

  • High res jpg for use in virtual tabletops with and without grids
  • Multipage pdf tat can be used to print the map off at home. You can then create the map at the table by attaching the pages together, or add new pages to the map as the players explore. The pdf packs are in colour and in printer friendly greyscale. The packs also come in A4 and US letter sizes for US and international customers.
  • Maptool files with light and vision blocking in place for both OGL and 4E versions of the game.

In addition, the Arena of Fire comes with a pack of png images that can be placed in maptool, or used in your own map constructions. These include 10 magic circles with different designs and colours, a gold and silver tree and a gold and silver basket. The Arena of Fire is $2.99 and the Glass Ships pack is currently on sale at the promotional price of $0.90.

Here’s a preview of the two maps:

Fantasy battlemap of an arean with a river of lavaFantasy battlemap of glass ships in a field of icebergsHere’s a low res sample of two of the twelve png objects that come with the Arena of Fire map:

A magic glyph for use in virtual tabletopsPreview of silver tree with shadow for use in Virtual tabletops

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