Another New Map Pack – The Ruined Library

As with the last map pack, this one hails from the Coliseum Morpheuon project by Rite Publishing. In this case a library destroyed by meteors. Fun to create with the landscape torn and blasted under an aggressive sun:

Fantasy map pack cover for the ruined libraryHere’s a small preview of the full size map in the pack:

Fantasy map of a ruined library
The pack includes:

• High resolution jpgs of the map for use in virtual tabletops (100px per grid resolution).
• greyscale and colour pdf packs that allow you to print off the map for use at the gametable with 1 inch squares in both A4 and US letter sizes
• Maptool files with vision blocking geometry for both 4e and Pathfinder (using maptool 1.3.b63).

You can find the pack on RPGNow here.

2 thoughts on “Another New Map Pack – The Ruined Library”

  1. Apologies for commenting on such an old post, but since I have a question related to the type of maps shown here I thought this might be the easiest way to do this. I’ve drawn my very first (very small) map pack to be published on a “pay what you want” basis, but I’m somewhat stumped with regards to what resolution and size the finished files ought to be.

    Maybe it’s such an obvious answer that nobody thought it necessary to write about it before? 🙁

    My working file is A3 sized @300 dpi, day and night version, and I plan to make it available in A3 (1 page) & A4 (2 pages). From your experience, what file format and resolution would you recommend for publication? PDF for the print-ready files? What’s the “Standard” resolution/size for VTTs?

    Sorry for bothering you with this.

    Best regards,
    Sebastian Breit (“wired” from the Cartographers’ Guild)

    1. Hi Sebastian – sorry for the delayed response! The paper size isn’t actually that important for a map pack. The key is the number of pixels per square. Usually people want to print out a map at 1 square = 1 inch, or view a map on a screen at 1 square = 1 inch (max). For this to work, the map needs to have a resolution of 100px to a square (ideally). I set my grid at 100px, and illustrate my map at that scale (drawing at 100% zoom). When exporting, I export at 100dpi, and use Posterazor to slice up the map into letter and A4 sized pages. Does that help?

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