Midgard is here! More Midgard logos and some map teasers

We found out earlier this year that the world of Zobeck is really the world of Midgard, and the new material for the setting would be carrying the new branding in the future. I got the gig to design the logo, and this turned out to be not one logo but many. Now more of the logos have been revealed, I can show them off here (spoiler – there’s still one more to come).

Midgard Logo for the fantasy steampunk world of Zobeck

Open Design is launching the campaign guide as a patronage project. You can join the likes of Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb and Brandon Hodge in bringing the world of Midgard to life. You can get involved at different levels depending on how much you want to contribute, or how deep your pockets are.

Those who sign up will get a free map – the whole world of Midgard laid out in glorious colour. I can’t reveal it here (it’s only available to patrons) but it lays out the whole world as it stands.

You can find out more about the project, including some rather pretty teaser trailers, at the Kobold Quarterly page here.

3 thoughts on “Midgard is here! More Midgard logos and some map teasers”

    1. Thanks a lot! It was an interesting experience as anyone who dropped by the KQ forums could comment on the early sketches. It certainly pointed out how many people had a clear opinion of what they should look like.

      I’m glad the response has been a good one to these.

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