Knights of France Map

I was asked to create a map of a (slightly) alternate France map for Interaction Point Games – for their product Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France. It’s great fun to take a shot at real world locations. I previously did a map of the west coast of Scotland, but this time it was over the channel to Brittany and Orleans:

France Map for fantasy pathfinder world

8 thoughts on “Knights of France Map”

  1. I have often visited your blog looking for those powerful images that could make use in my blog. Sometimes I recommended a visit to your blog. I work with maps, and pretend to search and maps that explain anything. The History, Science, Funny, or hunger. There are many people working there, making maps and stunning that I never arrive at their level. For now the network gives me what I seek. Now back again to your blog and saw this spectacular image of France. And I ask it to use in my new post to talk about Barcelona, mentioning the author, of course. And now a question, you could make a map of Catalonia?. Think it out. Thank you for your patience.
    jordi Francesch

    1. Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you like my work. I have contacted the person who commissioned the map. I’ll let you know what they say.

      As for a map of Catalonia – that’s great of you to ask, but I’m afraid I’m too busy right now to take on new projects. It would certainly be a fun task though!


  2. Hi, I really appreciate your work.
    I would like to find a good version of this map to be able to enlarge it. I make my own game for my own use…
    if I buy the book ” Kingdoms of Legend: Knights of France” will I find a better quality of your works?
    best regards

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