The Amphitheatre

Through December I’m releasing the remaining map packs from the Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

Fantasy city Map from Breaking of Forstor Nagar Pathfinder adventure

Today it’s the turn of the Amphitheatre. This stands as a testament to better days in the city, when people would come to watch performances, or stroll amongst the statues. But now that the city lies besieged and ruined it acts as the scene for a desperate encounter where the PCs must make difficult choices that will determine the future of a number of hapless souls.

But there’s no need to place this in a besieged city carved from a glacier. This could equally double as a snow bound building in the heart of a Royal garden, or an ancient auditorium amongst the romanesque ruins of a long forgotten civilisation. The stairs provide height for archers, or seating for haughty crowds passing judgement on the mean gladiators dueling below.

Amphitheatre Map Pack Cover for fantasy city map packThe map pack comes with the usual suite of formats:

  • pdf map packs in A4 and letter size for printing out at 1 square = 1 inch scale at the game table. Packs are provided in both colour and printer friendly light greyscale for ease of use.
  • High res jpgs of the map with grid, without grid for easy use with virtual tabletops, or for poster printing for a tabletop game.
  • Maptool files set up with light and vision for quick use in any 4e or OGL/PF game.

You can check out previews of the pdf and pick it up on RPGNow.

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