The World of Ilkor: Dark Rising

fantasy map of the continent of Caledon for the browser based MMORPG Ilkor: Dark Rising

In 2011 I was commissioned to create a map of the world of Ilkor for the browser game Ilkor: Dark Rising. The brief was to use a style inspired by the classic Middle Earth maps. Recently GAD Games have released a few of the detail views that I did for them so I get to show them off! I’ll have to wait a little for the full world map to be released, but for now, here’s the detail views:

Every commission has it’s challenges, and in this one it was trying to get the painterly strokes for the features – and drawing all those sea lines by hand. I really got comfortable with the new dynamic brushes in Photoshop on this commission, something I’ll be using more of in the future.

You can find out more about the game behind the maps over at the blog for GAD Games:

These images are all © GAD Games, used with permission.

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