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How to draw featured buiildings

Highlighting Featured Buildings – Shape, Detail and Contrast

Cities and buildings come up a lot in questions. I’ll put together a software specific tutorial on buildings, but today I’m just going to go through my philosophy when illustrating a featured building like a castle or a temple. The process is the same, regardless of software. In this case – ballpoint pen on sketchbook paper.

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The World of Ilkor: Dark Rising

fantasy map of the continent of Caledon for the browser based MMORPG Ilkor: Dark Rising

In 2011 I was commissioned to create a map of the world of Ilkor for the browser game Ilkor: Dark Rising. The brief was to use a style inspired by the classic Middle Earth maps. Recently GAD Games have released a few of the detail views that I did for them so I get to show them off! I’ll have to wait a little for the full world map to be released, but for now, here’s the detail views: Continue reading

How to Draw Grassland

Grasslands are tricky to map. They’re large empty open expanses. But if you just flood fill an area with light green it’ll stand out like a sore thumb against your beautifully rendered mountains and lovingly painted rivers and forests. The colour is tough too – you want it to be a light green without being fluorescent.

How to draw grassland
I’ve found that the following works well for grasslands: Continue reading

Sneak preview of a world map

I’m creating the world map for a new online fantasy game by GAD Games called Ilkor: Dark Rising. The brief was to create a map in a style similar to the iconic Middle Earth maps. Here’s a low res (<9%) preview of the map in progress:

Ilkor fantasy world map by Jonathan RobertsCheck out the blog post over at GAD Games for more on the world and some more map previews. I’m really looking forward to being able to show off the final version of this map – as well as seeing what this looks like in play!

It’s a slightly different style from my normal work and there’s very little room to hide when all you have to work with is line art, but I’m really pleased with the result. And yes, all of those sea ripples were drawn individually, by hand.