Winter, Kobolds and Beer!

Another Kobold Quarterly has hit the shelves – and with it another colour map. This one resides on the back cover and is the venue for a PC beer run. The complication is that the beer is already in a meadhall, and that meadhall is owned and occupied by giants. With bears.

Meadhall Fantasy Map for Kobold Quarterly 16 mini-adventure
Giant's Meadhall for KQ 16

The meadhall comes with a rickety bridge over an icy river, fire pits, a fighting pit, bear enclosure, mammoth skull throne and, of course, barrels of beer. Everything you could want for a memorable night of beer rustling.

Check out the latest issue of Kobold Quarterly, including a high res version of this map and the adventure that accompanies it, here.

9 thoughts on “Winter, Kobolds and Beer!”

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Currently it’s only available at the pdf scale with the labels on, but I’ll let you know if that changes. Would you use it at the table, or using a vtt?

  1. Quite a number of subscribers and reviewers are giving big shout-outs to this map. Thank you for doing (as always) such fantastic work for KQ!

    1. I’ve seen a couple of the reviews. KQ16 seems to be getting a rousing welcome from the community. Especially good to see with the recent Dungeon and Dragon magazine news. Glad to hear that the map is doing it’s part – and it was a pleasure (as always) to work with KQ on this one.

  2. What are these maps for? Is there a D&D dimencion? I love the style!

    My own maps are just ways of exploring my own mind, but maybe I could do some stuff for people to use.

    Reminds me of paleolithic habitations…

    1. They are indeed for D&D. I mostly get commissions for Pathfinder or for 4e work. This one was done for the D&D magazine Kobold Quarterly.

      All the maps are done in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I’m glad you like them!

      If you’re interested in mapping then I recommend the Cartographers’ Guild highly. There’s lots of good mappers on there, and a lot of requests for maps by different people looking for maps. So if you’re looking to turn your hand to mapping to a purpose, then that’s a great place to start.

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