Map Tiles! Piles of Treasure! Dragon Skeletons!

Dragon skeleton by Jonathan Roberts for Profantasy fantasy dungeon tile styleThe guys at Profantasy liked the March CC3 style so much that they asked me to do a tile set for a fantasy dungeon style. The pack contains all the standards you’d expect – tables, chairs, doors, stairs – as well as some that are a little more unusual – mushrooms, a corpse, and a Dragon skeleton (yes, I’m really pleased with that one). Some of you who follow my twitter feed may have seen a few sneak peaks from the Dragon Skeleton and now I can publicly admit where it comes from.

The dungeon style will make up the June 2011 Annual style and the guys at Profantasy have put up a great little preview for you to check out. They have a couple of higher resolution samples in the annual style gallery. I’m really looking forward to being able to show off all the elements in this pack, it’s looking great.

4 thoughts on “Map Tiles! Piles of Treasure! Dragon Skeletons!”

  1. Much like the overland style, that looks absolutely fantastic. Any chance you’ll be going for the hat trick and doing a city style as well?

    1. Thanks! As for the city style, you’d need to ask Profantasy. I’d certainly be up for it if they were interested and emails asking for one wouldn’t hurt 🙂

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