How to draw flagstones

This isn’t quite as formal as previous tutorials. After I created the tutorial for drawing water, I carried on and quickly coloured and shaded the flagstones. Here’s the video of that process, which fills in a lot of my standard working method – base colour and then a collection of overlay layers to add detailed light and shade.

11 thoughts on “How to draw flagstones”

  1. It would be awesome if you could show how to draw a river that would look good along side your mountains and forests at an isometric view. I’m having trouble getting that to look right.

  2. Heya matey … how would you achieve the pressure sensitivity like that in Gimp … I can get something happening similar using the airbrush. What would you suggest ??

    1. Do you have access to a tablet? If so, which one? Pressure sensitivity and Gimp is a bit of a fiddle sometimes and can be tablet and driver specific.

      In the latest version of Gimp, in tool options, there’s an option called Dynamics. Set that to pressure Opacity and you should get an opacity that depends on pen-pressure. Test it with a hard round brush first – it’s easier to see if it’s working there.

      You can adapt the behaviour of the pressure sensitivity with the options in Dynamics Options (click the little arrow to show/hide them). Play around until you get a pressure sensitivity you like.

      1. Ah … requires the touch pad of a tablet … got it. Nope I am working with one of those old fashioned mouse things 😉 Like I said I can get a comparable effect using an airbrush, or I can get an opacity difference if I set the dynamic to velocity. Cheers matey 😉

        1. No worries. I’d recommend checking out some of the cheaper Wacom’s. There are some pretty reasonable ones, and you can pick up good deals second hand too.

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for! Great stuff! Could you please post a link to the brushes? You mentioned it in the video but I couldn’t find the link. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  4. Holy Molybdenum! I have seriously learned so much from watching this video. I’ve been drawing vectors for awhile now and the techniques you outlined here (and also about making a grunge brush) got me started on some lovely Photoshop work that I’m actually quite happy with. I watched the video a few times… sorry about the bandwidth!


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