Free Isometric Grid Paper

Every week there’s a challenge on Google+ called the #fridayfiveminutemap challenge. This week the theme will be isometricTo give everyone a fighting chance, I’m offering a couple of resources for free.

Here’s a sheet of isometric grid paper. I’d assumed such a thing was easily available, but it seems not. Please feel free to take this and use it for whatever you like. I’ve also attached the .psd file with the grid on a separate layer so that you can get a little fancier with adding a grid to your digital maps.

Isometric graph paper for iso grid dungeons
Free isometric graph paper

If you want to dig a little further, I’ve put together a couple of tutorials on illustrating isometric maps:

2 thoughts on “Free Isometric Grid Paper”

  1. Hi Mr. Maps (or may I call you Fantastic?),

    I was looking at one of you maps earlier this week and wondering if isometric graph paper could be purchased in the same way as regular grid paper.

    I was going to ask you about it this weekend, but you have jumped the gun on me! Escitement abounds, and thank you not only for the paper sample but also the tutorials into which I am about to dive!

    Oh, and also, kick-ass maps! Thanks!


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