From the Archives – Ruined Keep

A while ago I was commissioned to illustrate a three story ruined keep, with a dungeon beneath, for Mongoose Publishing. This was in my pre-Photoshop days (2009). It makes me wince a bit to see the messiness of the linework in these, but they served their purpose for the job at hand, and looking at old work is a good way to gauge progress.

Images © Mongoose Publishing, reproduced with permission

4 thoughts on “From the Archives – Ruined Keep”

    1. I don’t have anything specific to this. What parts would you like a tutorial on? Keep design? Line work? Let me know and I’ll add it to the schedule.

      1. Mainly the line work … I like having awesome maps for my players but I want to keep them to B&W for the printing costs. Personally I don’t mind the “messiness” of the line work. I would be very interested in learning methods to reproduce this in Gimp 😉

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