The Iconic Island

Fantasy Island of Adventure

Islands have a special place in our collective imagination. Islands are the other, they contain treasures hidden from society, mad hermits and castaways, and desperate mariners relieved to find fresh food and water.

From the Island of Adventure to the Island of Dread, to the ever popular treasure islands, these locations scream adventure. Each can be a distinct ecosystem with its own themes utterly separated from the rest of civilisation, and the rules that those civilisations follow.

Islands also provide a wonderful sense of isolation – necessary for all good adventure stories. How heroic can you be if the cavalry are always just a short distance away? On an island you are always outnumbered, and if things go wrong your only way out is your ship – unless the locals get to it first.

Treasure island map

Click here to check out the map pack on RPGNow. The map pack comes with large jpgs – 5100px by 3300px – for printing at 300dpi to give a 17″ by 11″ poster map. I’ve provided three versions:

  • totally bare – just the terrain and nothing else
  • with icons – a collection of locations are marked, but their significance is left up to you
  • with icons and hex grid – the grid allows for easier distance measurements. The hex scale was loosely chosen to be around 6 miles a hex, but feel free to set it to whatever works best for you. This version is also provided in a light greyscale.

I’ve also provided the set of 16 icons as separate .pngs with transparent backgrounds. You can use these with the bare map to create the island you require for your own adventures.

Icons for treasure island

So what are you waiting for? The steaming jungle infested interior beckons and your stores of fresh water are perilously low….

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