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Keel Haul the Mutineers!

Pirate Ship Map for pathfinder and dungeons and dragons

Piracy is in the air this year. Open Design is now well underway with Journeys to the West – an anthology of adventurers set in the exotic unexplored western ocean – and Paizo is set fair on a course for the swashbuckling adventure path Skull and Shackles. But what good is a pirate (or, ahem, privateer) without a trusty ship? Fantasy Pirate Ship Map Pack

Well, to resolve that particular problem, this month I’ve put together a ship that any peg legged terror of the ocean waves can be proud of. After some feedback on my previous ship pack, this one comes in a number of formats. The pack contains 2 overview of the full ship, one with the ship underway with sails billowing and the other with the ship resting at the harbour quay. In addition, the pack contains fully detailed maps of all three interior deck levels, with captain’s table, storage and crew hammocks (previews of all three maps after the jump). Continue reading