Dark Warriors by OGN

I was approached by the Open Gaming Network about creating a map for their online browser based fantasy role-playing game Dark Warriors. Here’s a low res version of the result:

OGN Fantasy MMO World Map for Dark Warriors RPG
World Map for the Dark Warriors Online RPG

The map needed to highlight a collection of different towns that the players progress through, and show the routes that connect the towns together. Each town also has a heraldic crest which appears on the map, but also acts as spot art within the game.

It was fun to be able to really focus on the icons for the towns and convey as much information about them as possible with only a few pixels. The heraldry was a fun challenge too. Here’s a couple of the symbols up close:

Triton crest for the Dark Warriors online fantasy RPG Ordin crest for the Dark Warriors online fantasy RPG

It’s a fun game with some pretty unusual mechanics. You can check it out here.

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