Giant’s Meadhall available as a Map Pack!

Giants' Meadhall fantasy map pack sale for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and 4e gamesWinter is coming. When you venture into the snowy north, where giants roam and mammoths stalk the icy plains, you’d best be prepared. The unwary perish in these treacherous snows.

The hall can be used for giants, or as the throne room of the barbarian king, perched on his mammoth-skull throne. A deep pit in the center of the room could be a sabretooth fighting pit, or just a convenient hole to throw unruly adventurers, before their fate is decided.

The Giant’s Meadhall is a map pack designed for use with a virtual tabletop, or to be printed out and used on the table at home.

You can pick up the map pack on RPGNow.

As with all my previous map packs this pack comes with:

  • High res jpgs (at 100px per square) with and without grid for use in any VTT or to be printed out at your local print shop as a poster map.
  • Multi-page pdfs that can be printed out for you to use at the game table – in both colour and printer friendly greyscale.
  • Maptool campaign files with light and vision built in for both 4.0 and Pathfinder rules.

Here’s a preview of the map:

Giant's Meadhall fantasy battlemap for D&D, 4e and Pathfinder for sale on RPGNowThe map originally appeared in Kobold Quarterly #16 along with “Beer Run” by Christina Stiles – a 5th level beer heist adventure for Pathfinder. Check it out, and run it with the map pack!

You can find this pack and other Fantastic Maps map packs on my RPGNow store.

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