New Map Pack – Necromancer’s Lair

Cover for fantasy map pack of the Necromancer's lair dungeon battlemapIt’s the first of the month, and that means a new Fantastic Maps map pack, in partnership with Kobold Quarterly! This month we go dark and dungeon-y with a Necromancer’s Lair. The map shows a large underground room with spiked pits, rubble, raised platforms, gargoyle statues and magic circles.

The battlemap was originally created for an article in Kobold Quarterly #13 on alternative structures for combat encounters – and was used to illustrate a ‘capture the flag’ style encounter, written by Matthew Hanson. The PCs must navigate obstacles and foes to ‘liberate’ the necromancer’s orb and make it out alive. With this battlemap you can play the encounter as written, or use it for your own dark ends.

Necromancer's lair fantasy map for a 4e dungeon map for Kobold Quarterly

Fantasy illustration of a necromancer's orb of trapped souls
Shadow Orb

The map pack comes with:

  • PDF map packs in colour and printer friendly greyscale in letter and A4 formats for you to print out and use at the gametable.
  • High res jpgs with and without grids for use in your virtual tabletop of choice – or for printing out as a large format poster map
  • Maptool campaign files for 4e and OGL games with light and vision implemented

There are also a few added extras in this pack:

  • .png magic circle files that you can drop onto any map – each in an array of different colours
  • Statue tokens
  • An illustration of the Necromancer’s Orb for use as a player handout.

You can pick up the map pack here. Whilst you’re there, be sure to check out the other packs in the Fantastic Maps store. Enjoy!

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