More IDW Maps – D&D #2: Hide in Plain Sight

Module edition of D&D #2 comic: Hide in Plain SightThe D&D comic series continues to go from strength to strength, with the adventurers led by Adric Fell investigating the source of a mysterious plague. In this edition they find out that an artifact is at the root of events and chase it’s bearer as he flees from Fallcrest. It features fireballs, explosions, pick pocketing and Adric being hit in the head by a rock. Certainly worth getting a hold of.

As with the previous issue #1: Bad Day, this issue was also produced in a limited module edition that contains an adventure module written by Christopher Perkins. I created the maps for the encounters and now that it’s out I get to show them off!

First up is the cavern underneath the orphanage. The PCs are dropped down here as the orphanage burns and the floors collapse:

Fantasy map for the module edition of the IDW Dungeons and Dragons comic #2: Hide in plain sightThe second map comes later in the adventure as the players track their quarry into the woods. Things are complicated when they find their target surrounded by a band of orc mercenaries:

Fantasy map for Gruhn's Gang encounter in the D&D Comic #2 Hide in Plain Sight Odule EditionIt was a real treat to work on these and see my name on the credits beside Chris Perkins. Looking forward to seeing what trouble Adric Fell and companions get themselves into next.

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