New Map Pack – The Sand Dragon Inn

Fantasy battlemap map pack of the Sand Dragon Inn for Dungeons and Dragons, 4e and pathfinderIt’s the first of the month – which means a new map pack is out! This month it’s the Sand Dragon Inn, once again in collaboration with Kobold Quarterly and the guys at Open Design. The Inn sits in the baking desert heat, a rare oasis of luxury amid the sand. The thick walls and some simple enchantments keep the air cool and the wine and meats chilled. Surely nothing bad can come from stopping here for a while?

The Inn comes in two levels. The ground level has a common room, kitchen, mosaic tiled courtyards, private meeting rooms and stables – everything needed for intrigue. The lower level has the luxurious owners’ quarters, store rooms and a cold room, as well as a hidden entrance to the real secret of the Inn – a network of tunnels under the sand. What lies within the tunnels is up to you. In the original adventure that this map accompanied – written by David Schwartz and published in Kobold Quarterly #10 – the tunnels housed a formian colony, and a sand dragon in a crystal lit chamber. You can pick up a pdf of KQ10 here to turn this map pack into a fully fledged mini adventure.

Here’s a preview of the two levels of the Inn:

Arabian nights Inn fantasy battlemap for use with D&D and Pathfinder games
Sand Dragon Inn - Upper level
Arabian nights Inn fantasy battlemap for dungeons and dragons and pathfinder games.
Sand Dragon Inn - Lower Level

The map pack contains:

  • Multi-page pdf in letter and A4 formats that enables you to print out the maps for your gametable at 1 square = 1 inch. The pdfs come in both colour and printer friendly greyscale.
  • High resolution jpgs with and without grid for both the upper and lower level of the Inn designed to be easily dropped into any virtual tabletop program – or printed off as a poster at your local print shop.
  • Maptool campaign files with vision blocking and light constructed for quick use in 4E, PFRPG, or any OGL game. They are compatible with Maptool 1.3b84 or newer.

All that for $2.99. You can pick up the pack on RPGNow.

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