Give a man a dungeon and he’ll kill PCs for a day. Give a man the tools to build his own dungeons and he’ll happily be killing PCs for a lifetime.

This month I’ve been working with two separate tilesets that let you make your own maps for your roleplaying game of choice. First up, I was approached by Profantasy to create a Mountains from the Jonathan Roberts Annual style for Campaign Cartographertileset for overland maps in the style of the Rhune World Map. The tileset is the March installment of their Annual Subscription. If you have Campaign Cartographer you’ll be able to drop in hills, mountains, sand dunes and cities to build isometric overland maps.

It was really flattering to be asked to create a CC3 Annual style. I’ll post a few more teasers in this style around the time of the release.

Free Fantasy Dungeon Map TilesThe second tileset has been knocking around for a while. You may know that I created this dungeon tiles set with walls, floor textures, doors and dungeon dressing primarily for use in maptool. Now the guys over at Pymapper have made the set available to use with their program. The program is free and open source, so you can use my dungeon tiles to create your own maps for your game. It’s great to see maps pop up with those graphics in them around the web.

I’ve benefited a lot from free open source software in my gaming, so it’s good to be able to contribute something in return.

6 thoughts on “Tilesets!”

    1. You’re welcome. Please be aware that the tileset is provided under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. So any use must be non-commercial, must attribute the art, and any maps created through the use of the tileset must be distributed with the same license. So at the least – please attribute the art in the screenshots!

      If you need a broader license for that (for example if the online RPG game board is a business) then send me a message and we can discuss the possibility of a commercial license – or a dedicated commercial tileset.

      1. No it is just a free site for friends. We have moved all over and would like to play online together sometimes. Some time I may make a business out of it but for now its just for fun. When I have it done I’ll send a link. You could play a game on it and give some suggestions on how to make it better. But again really nice work and thanks again.

        1. Sounds great! I’m really glad you’re finding them useful. I’m more than happy to chip in, or if there are things that you would find useful, then let me know.

  1. Well I’m not done but check out what I have so far.
    You have a Mac right.. Well Safari should work but most of my testing is with Chrome. Same rendering as Safari (webkit). I have tested in Firefox too.
    Tell me what you think.


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